Tweedles Meditates at Chu Un Temple

Tweedles Says:  The Chu Un Temple is a wonderful place to meditate.  I can sit here for hours!

David West and Me

Tweedles Says:  Is David coming near?  I will try to sit quietly so I will not startle him.
P.S.  David West is Michelle's nephew.  He is still learning to walk.

Tweedles Visits McDonalds

Tweedles Says:  Ooh, this is high!  Welcome to McDonalds everybody!

How Much?

Cashier:  That will be two hundred and twenty five pesos.
Tweedles Says:  Oh gosh, did we order too much? Is our money enough?

Chow Time

Tweedles Says:  Ummm, I think I'll try the pancakes!